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Valkiz Interview With Sammy Sas @Valkiz @Realsammysas @NgospelMedia
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  • God blessed everyone with Talent’s and gifting, it all depends on the choice’s we make. Words from Nigerian born, Gospel Musician, Worship Leader and Producer, Valkiz. On his exclusive celebrity of the week chat interview with Sammy Sas.

  • Sammy Sas Please can we meet you?

  • Valkiz Valentine Praise Okorocha, aka VALKIZ. I am Gospel Artist, an indigene of Owerri West, IMO State and was born into a family of 6. I started music at 8years old playing the drums, developing and perfecting this skill over the years. Went ahead to released my first debut Album on 1st of December 2013, Titled “He Has Lifted Me Up” and since then i have collaborated with other Great Gospel Ministers e.g, FRANK EDWARDS, SAMSONG ASU EKIYE, PANAM PERCY PAUL, SOLOMON LANGE etc…. VALKIZ is a worship leader, producer, songwriter,presenter, Director, motivational speaker, multi talented Instrumentalist, song writer Business man who loves Creative ideas. Etc.

  • Hmmm
  • Sammy Sas So tell us about your early stage in life growing up?

  • Valkiz Well,  i grew up with a musical Background. Back then in Jos, when my dad was a Choir leader in our local Church called “Assemblies of God”. I was the head Choir praise and worship leader in the Teens department. For me music was just a tool of expression back then. But right now its much more than that.

  • Sammy Sas So at what stage did you realised that you wanted to do music professionally?

  • Valkiz We’ll i started music professionally age 15, after having developed my Drumming skills, because i stated with the drums, then the keyboard. For some reason, i decided to work on my self vocally, I started buying tapes and records just to improve my Vocal Dexterity..

  • Sammy Sas So what type of music do you do?

  • All types of Music as they come in various Genres, like RnB, Dancehall, Pop,
  • Valkiz Christian Worship and so on…

  • Sammy Sas So you do Gospel?

  • Valkiz Absolutely….

  • Sammy Sas Why gospel?

  • Valkiz It is Because Am out, highly defined with a GREATER Anointing to let the world know that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

  • Sammy Sas So tell us about some of your achievements and major moment since the inception of your professional career?

  • Valkiz So far, I have two albums, Dropping my first Video this year(2017), I sing with and minister with Asu Akiye (Foggomon President), and also a Brother to Samsong.

  • Sammy Sas So tell us, with your experience so far in the Nigeria gospel industry, what do you think is the major challenge faced by the industry in the country?

  • Valkiz Until we began to see each other as one, Believe in oneness, support ourselves, and Love one another. Then i can say that we are becoming an Industry. For now we need an Industry in the Nigerian Gospel Music at large. We need one Voice, one spirit and one God..

  • Sammy Sas Do you see the industry going as far as getting the Grammy, with the current breed of music ministers it has?

  • Valkiz Absolutely…

  • Sammy Sas If you were asked to do a collaboration with three secular artists, who would you pick?

  • 2face
  • Yemi alade
  • Valkiz And Chris brown

  • Sammy Sas On a scale of 1-10 how well do you know you culture and traditions?

  • Valkiz 8

  • Sammy Sas Which ethnic group?

  • Valkiz Igbo

  • Sammy Sas Which local meal can you prepare very well?

  • Valkiz Jellof rice,  soap and stew

  • Sammy Sas Your favourite meal is?

  • Swallow
  • Valkiz Eba and Ogbono soup

  • Sammy Sas So what’s your favourite colour?

  • Valkiz Black

  • Sammy Sas So who are your role model in music and ministry?

  • Valkiz Donnie McClurkin, Micah Sampling, Chris Brown for his Gift and Talent etc..

  • Sammy Sas Example of Chris brown gifts please?

  • God blessed everyone with Talent’s and giftings, it all depends on the choice’s we make

  • Valkiz He is a very blessed Vocalist who has a distinct Voice. And I celebrate him and the gift from God.

  • Sammy Sas So apart from Jesus, who is your favourite character in the Bible?

  • Actually i have 2 (two)
  • Based on who i am,
  • 1-Joseph
  • Valkiz 2-David

  • Sammy Sas Your favourite Bible verse is?

  • Valkiz Ecclesiastic 3:11 He makes all things Beautiful in his own Time…

  • Sammy Sas Are you a husband  material or a serving husband?


  • Sammy Sas So if you were to be an animal, which would you pick?

  • Valkiz Non of the above

  • Hmmm
  • Sammy Sas So what’s your advice to aspiring Gospel music ministers?

  • Valkiz Stay Happy always, Be determined, Believe in yourself, Trust God For all things and Focus on you until the focus is on you.

  • Sammy Sas So what’s your favourite quote?

  • Valkiz Focus on you until the focus in on you…

  • Sammy Sas So how can you fans reach you on social media?

  • Valkiz Fb username Valentine Valkiz praise,  Instagram: Valentine Valkiz Twitter @Valkiz

  • Sammy Sas So your final words to your fans out there?

  • Valkiz It Takes God, to Make a Man. Keep your eyes on the Ball! Proverbs 4:18 The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. I love you all….

  • Sammy Sas So thank you for your time Bro

  • Valkiz I celebrate you sir….

  • Sammy Sas  I know you must have enjoyed Our Celebrity interview Of the Week, Therefore make it a date with me next week on your No1 Urban Gospel blog for participation and inquiries call/whatsapp +2347068211976 Facebook Sammy SAS. Twitter @RealSammySAS. have a glorious week ahead. You will be fine. Deuces You can Support Us here, by sharing this Celebrity Interview, to your Social Media Profiles, Through our Social Media Buttons Below the Articles. Remain Blessed.

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