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Noel Emp'raw Interview With Sammy Sas @NoelEmpraw @RealSammySAS @NgospelMedia
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  • Keep doing what you do, trust God and learn to be flexible with your  plans.Words from Nigerian Born, Hip Hop artist, Noel Emp’raw. On his exclusive celebrity of the week  chat interview, hosted by Sammy Sas.

  • Sammy Sas Pls can we meet you?

  • Noel Emp’raw My name is Noel Onoja and stage name Noel Empraw, I’m a musician and a writer, I was born in Abuja where I also grew up

  • Sammy Sas So tell us about your early stage in life growing up?

  • Noel Emp’raw Growing up was modest, school was compulsory, and our parents were liberal enough to let us pursue a dream and nurse our talents, that was the period of Walkman, video games, ipods and later the Internet there was so much to learn so we had to learn as quickly as we could

  • Sammy Sas At what point did you discovered you had passion for music?

  • Noel Emp’raw At about 12 years, although I started out being a member of a children theatre group called Bazik Theatre where we learnt stage play, drama and poetry, from there it graduated to music few years later

  • Sammy Sas So what type of music,do you do?

  • Noel Emp’raw Basically Hip hop music

  • Sammy Sas So what’s your definition of Hip Hop?

  • Noel Emp’raw Hiphop in itself is a culture formed in the 70s by Africans in the US, it’s main components were MCing/rapping, DJing/scratching, break dancing and graffiti writing, Hiphop is today a global phenomenon with it’s music genre at the centre of it all, more like a lifestyle to millions of people now

  • Sammy Sas So who are your target audience,with your message as a Hip hop artiste?

  • Noel Emp’raw The average everyday lover of good music and the message goes out to all who appreciate humanity and true purposefulness

  • Sammy Sas Kindly tell us about some of your achievements/major moment since the inception of your professional career?

  • Noel Emp’raw Every moment I put out a new record and I get a message from fans like “thank you for this I love it” this brings moment of fulfilment,  but some notable was when my single “Number One” made it to top spot across radio charts not just in Nigeria but also played in US, Australia and the UK, I was also nominated as Brand Ambassador in 2013 by the CBN for the cashless policy awareness tour program – a great honour for me and most recently commendations from some of the world’s biggest music stakes I hold in high esteem.

  • Sammy Sas Any album out?

  • Noel Emp’raw Non yet, just singles

  • Sammy Sas Which artist’s influenced your music?

  • Artistes like Bob Marley, Miriam Makeba, 2pac, Wyclef Jean,  Nas, Common, Tuface, just to say a few
  • Noel Emp’raw And also I love Nathaniel Bassey

  • Sammy Sas Name three Nigerian Gospel musicians you would love to do a collaboration with?

  • Noel Emp’raw Lol Given the opportunity, offcourse Frank Edward, Nathaniel Bassey and Ada

  • Sammy Sas So what do you think is the major challenge,facing Hip hop music with positive content,in Nigeria?

  • Noel Emp’raw I think there aren’t enough of it at the moment, musicians need to put out (and push) more materials with positive contents

  • Sammy Sas So on a scale of 1-10 how well do you know your culture and tradition?

  • Noel Emp’raw Lol I’ll put it between 6 and 7

  • Sammy Sas Which ethnic group/state are you from?

  • Noel Emp’raw The Igala ethnic group of Kogi State

  • Sammy Sas So which local meal can you prepare very well?

  • Hahaha ?
  • Noel Emp’raw I can attempt the local delicacy called “oboi egwa”  that’s soup made from beans with pounded yam, mum taught me this

  • Classic ???
  • Sammy Sas Is that your favourite?

  • Noel Emp’raw Hahahaha yesso I love it!

  • Sammy Sas What’s your favourite colour?

  • Noel Emp’raw Black and white

  • Sammy Sas Apart from Jesus, who is your favourite character in the Bible?

  • Noel Emp’raw Yea, David is the man lol

  • Sammy Sas What was that thing you liked about David, if I may ask?

  • Noel Emp’raw First, Dude was extremely courageous to have stood up to Goliath and secondly it was recorded that he was a man after God’s heart inspite of his shortcomings, he would make mistakes and fall but his reconciliation game was on point because he always put God first

  • Oya chop  am ??
  • Sammy Sas So what’s your favourite Bible verse?

  • ????
  • Noel Emp’raw Isaiah 43:2

  • Sammy Sas If you were to be an animal,which animal would you pick?

  • Noel Emp’raw Hahaha would be a lion fam

  • Sammy Sas Ose! Daniel standard!

  • Noel Emp’raw Hahaha you know this!

  • Sammy Sas Who are your favourite public speakers?

  • Noel Emp’raw Don’t know much of them, and depending on the occasion, but I like to hear men like Paul Adeferasin, David Ibieyomi and President Trump speak

  • Sammy Sas A Republican?

  • Noel Emp’raw Naa I am not partisan
  • Sammy Sas ?

  • Noel Emp’raw Yup!

  • Sammy Sas So what your advice to upcoming and aspiring Hip Hop heads?

  • Noel Emp’raw Keep doing what you do, trust God and learn to be flexible with your  plans

  • Awesome ??
  • Sammy Sas So how can your fans reach you on social media?

  • Noel Emp’raw Reach me on social media /Twitter/Instagram: @NoelEmpraw or mail my management at

  • Sammy Sas So your last words to your fans out there

  • Noel Emp’raw I appreciate and love you guys

  • Sammy Sas Thank you so much for your time fam

  • Noel Emp’raw You are welcome bro

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