Nkamiang John Interview With Sammy Sas | @Nkj01nitro @Realsammysas

Nkamiang John Interview With Sammy Sas @Nkj01nitro @Realsammysas
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  • Keep supporting local talent back home, who have the potential to become global icons and pacesetters for Nigeria and Africa. Words from Nigerian Born, Ace Broadcaster and Media Boss, Nkamiang John. On his Exclusive celebrity of the week chat interview with Sammy Sas.

  • Sammy Sas Pls can we meet you?

  • Nkamiang John Am Nkamiang John, also know to many as “D` Most Controversial”

  • Sammy Sas Kindly tell us a little about your early days growing up?

  • Am the first three boys, born to Elizabeth Ekaette Nkamiang and Nkamiang Robert Nkamiang.
  • My growing up days were pretty much fun, blessed to be born into a well to do home. My father was a United Nations troubles expert attached to the Nigerian government, even though he was a Nigerian. I use the adjective was, because he passed away over thirty years ago.

  • Nkamiang John I first attended Rose Cottage Nursery & Primary school, but later my school was change because at that time government had a policy that threatened private schools, so my parents changed me to Our Ladies Of Apostles Private school which is a Catholic missionary school, where I finished my primary school education. After which I attended St. Finbarr”s College Akoka, Yaba, Lagos. It was while in secondary school I discovered my interest in reading book aided me in developing my debating and writing skills. I was a member of the Readers Club, Literally and debating society, the Interact club, which horned my interest in writing and engaging in intellectual discourse. These attributes I took with me when I changed school again, this time to Government Secondary School Anglo Jos in Plateau State, where I wrote my WAEC or school SAT as its known to some. In GSS Anglo Jos, these attributes still exhibited itself in as I led and won several debate competitions for the school, represented the state in a JETS competition and several other competitions of such nature.

  • Sammy Sas So when did you realised you had something for journalism?

  • It was actually after I had finished secondary school and got a job as an office assistant with World Wide Sports Ltd at No. 2 Owen street, that I truly had the opportunity to learn on the values of journalism.
  • Nkamiang John But the traits has always been evident from very early in my live that if I didn’t end up a soldier or jet fighter pilot, I would end up a journalist.

  • Lol
  • Sammy Sas So tell us a little about your journey so far into the broadcasting Media, since the inception of your professional career till date?

  • My journey in the broadcast media and journalism particularly has been quite an experience and it is yet to come to an end. As I said earlier, when I was hired by World Wide Sports Ltd as an office assistant, the opportunity to work in a sports television production company was more about how hungry I was to gain on the job experience and my desire to raise among the ranks in the industry. I worked with WWS LTD for seven (7) years after which I worked with Multi Sports owned by Lawyer and sports analysts Barrister Dudu Orumen, after which I joined DBN television and after a number of years with DBN I left as the Manager Operations and joined Daily Times News Papers. My experience in Daily Times remain invaluable till date because I switched from electronic to the print media. This is a transition that not too many journalists can make or enjoy making, but it turned out to be one that broadened my journalistic horizon.
  • I left Daily Times News Paper for Galaxy Television, where I had a short spell before Silverbird Television came calling for my service. My quest to be the best, and explore a profession which over time has transformed from being a job to a lifestyle.

  • Between DBN Television and Silverbird Television, my journalistic and broadcast career began to soar, as a result of the quality and intense nature of the sports shows I put out on those platforms.

  • I left silverbird Television under not so a pleasant circumstances, but FAITH had big plans for me, because my exit from STV almost immediately took me to SuperScreen Television where I rose through the ranks from Manager Sports to Assistant COO. This open the door for me to move to a much more bigger platform to do something different, as a pioneer of a Sports Channel on the country’s first indigenous pay Tv platform DaarSat

  • This opportunity came at a time I was among a set of young sport journalists and analysts, analyzing the Olympics on national television. So, my profile as a Sports presenter, analysts and journalist as climbing and I was gradually becoming a household name.

  • The AIT Sports expedition was a worthwhile one, with my profile soaring as one of the country’s most followed sports anchor, and analysts. Surprising my journalistic career was more celebrated in my coverage of politics and various elections across the country. The rewards of this is my having the opportunity to have lived in some and visited all the states and major cities of the federation.

  • My quest to do more, break new grounds and take my career to another level led to my leaving Daar Communications Plc, the owners of AIT and Raypower after nine years. Again switch mediums, this time from television to radio, which saw me as one of the Pioneer management staff of WE106.3FM. A new talk radio station that was designed to become the reference point for sound, intellectual, agenda setting talk on a frequency set up for the young and upwardly mobile class and demographic.

  • This the team of which I was a part of achieved excellently well, with me having the most followed Sports show in the FCT. A sports show that shut down the city’s airwaves and competition between the hours of 7pm to 8:00. After almost three years of achieving this feat, I jump at the offer to again to do something historic and revolutionary. I resigned from WE106.3FM to become the Managing Director of what was to be the country’s first indigenous digital free to air Sport Channel ( Sports Africa). This move unfortunately didn’t see the light of day due to a number of challenges. But, after a six months wait I got the offer to set up an adult contemporary talk music radio station in the highly competitive Lagos market.

  • This contract saw me put pen to papper to set 98.9 Kiss FM Lagos, which as we speak is the city’s trendiest dial, with the station hosting over hundred A list artists and celebs in just the first month of commencing full commercial broadcast.

  • Nkamiang John This achievement led to the management board transferring me back to my home base to re-position one of the Kiss FM franchise which is my latest assignment.

  • Sammy Sas Now with your experience in the Media sector, what do you think is the major challenge faced in the Nigeria media?

  • Nkamiang John The major challenge faced in the Nigerian media is that of half baked practitioners and the failure of older professionals to transfer their wealth of experience and knowledge to the up coming generation of professions.

  • Sammy Sas So tell us what type of music do you listen to?

  • Nkamiang John Am eclectic, I listen to all genre of music. I see myself as an in between generation, connecting the old and new skool. Basically I determines what genre of musical I listen at any point in time is my mood.

  • Sammy Sas What’s your view concerning the Gospel industry in Nigeria?

  • My view concerning the gospel industry is that the industry is vibrant with much potential. Despite this position, the gospel industry still has a lot of work to do.
  • Nkamiang John But I give it to gospel artists, they have evolved over the years.

  • Sammy Sas So on a scale of 1-10 how well do you know your culture and traditions?

  • Nkamiang John 7 is my take on this

  • Sammy Sas Which ethnic group/State are you from?

  • Nkamiang John Am an Ibibio man, from Akwa-Ibom state

  • Sammy Sas So which local meal can you prepare very well?

  • Nkamiang John I can prepare vegetable soup

  • Sammy Sas Is that your favourite?

  • Nkamiang John I really don’t have favourite meal, I just like good food, well prepared.

  • Sammy Sas So what your favourite colour?

  • Nkamiang John Just like food, I really don’t have favourite colours, as an artist myself I live in colours. And like music, my mood determines what colours I wear and how I wear them.

  • Sammy Sas So apart from Jesus,who is your favourite character in the Bible?

  • Nkamiang John David

  • Sammy Sas So tell us are you a husband material or a  serving husband?

  • Nkamiang John Am a serving husband and father

  • Sammy Sas If you were to be an animal, which animal would you be?

  • Nkamiang John A lion

  • Sammy Sas Who are your role models in Media and ministry?

  • In media; John Momoh, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi
  • Nkamiang John In ministry; Bishop T.D Jakes, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Dr. CREFLO DOLLAR, AND SR. MYLES MONROUE

  • Sammy Sas What your favourite Bible verse?

  • Nkamiang John Phil 3:13

  • Sammy Sas Do you speak in tongues?

  • Nkamiang John By the Grace of God I do…

  • Sammy Sas So what’s your advice for aspiring Media personality?

  • Nkamiang John Work diligently to see yourself proven, trusting not in your own abilities, but in God’s wisdom, Grace, And His might

  • Sammy Sas What’s your favourite quote?

  • Nkamiang John “Wake up every morning with the idea that something new is possible.”

  • Sammy Sas How can your fans reach your on social Media?

  • Nkamiang John @Nkj01nitro on Twitter, @johnkamiang on instagram

  • Sammy Sas You last words for your fans in diaspora?

  • Nkamiang John Keep supporting local talent back home, who have the potential to become global icons and pacesetters for Nigeria and Africa. GOD is Love!

  • Sammy Sas Thank you so much for your time Boss!

  • Nkamiang John It’s my pleasure

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