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NewBrid Interview With SammySAS @RealSammySAS @Newbridmusic
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  • The Secret Behind our Brand is God’s Grace and Excellent. Words from Nigerian Urban Gospel Music Group, Newbrid. Here is what he has to say in this exclusive interview with star reporter, Sammy Sas.

  • Sammy Sas Please can we meet you?

  • Newbrid We go by the name Newbrid. (Fresh, Shezy and Smart Brainz)

  • Sammy Sas So tell us why the name “Newbrid”?

  • Newbrid As the name implies; we are a new type bringing New sound, style and content.

  • Sammy Sas When did Newbrid, started?

  • Newbrid The team started in the year 2012.

  • Sammy Sas Where did you guys meet?

  • Newbrid We met at Kaduna, Nigeria.

  • Sammy Sas So what type of music do you guys do?

  • Newbrid We do mainstream music

  • Sammy Sas Secular or Gospel?

  • Newbrid Gospel.

  • Sammy Sas Do you dance?

  • Newbrid yes, partly with our songs on stage.

  • Sammy Sas Why did you guys choose to do Gospel music, when the secular artist are getting all the major contract and making global headlines?

  • Newbrid Well, its not just about content but about excellence; Corporate companies give endorsement for excellence and not for religious affiliation. Besides alot of gospel artiste are getting major contracts and global headlines.

  • Sammy Sas Tell us about your  achievements so far, since the inception of your professional career?

  • Newbrid We have gotten six nominations for Award in the northern Nigeria on different categories and won two to our name which are Next rated and best group. Subsequently we performed at the miss Nigeria in Lagos and performed along side A list artiste like Iceprince, Solomon Lange, Ml, TerryG. alot but few to mention; some of our songs have top radio chat and gotten us several interviews.

  • Sammy Sas What do you think is the major challenge in the Nigerian Gospel music industry?

  • Newbrid The major challenge in the Nigerian Gospel music industry is lack of support from individual who are established or made as well as limited platforms

  • Sammy Sas On a scale of 1-10 how well do you know culture and traditions?

  • Newbrid Fresh(7) Shezy (8) Smart Brainz (8)

  • Sammy Sas What local meal can you guys prepare very well individually?

  • Newbrid Fresh: porridge yam; porridge potato; pounded plantain and sub standard pepper soup. Shezy: plantain porridge,  egusi soup, edikang ikong, ogbono,ewedu, afang, groundnut soup, gbegiri (beans soup) white soup with pounded yam/wheat/ amala… moi moi, etc… I just love to cook… Smart brainz: palm oil rice; Eba. and Porridge yam.

  • Sammy Sas Fresh,”Sub standard pepper soup” abi?(its well) ?……. Shezy, please let us know when you open the restaurant….. Mr Smart, you forgot to include Noodles abi?
  • ……. So tell us, what ethnic group/state are you guys from?

  • Newbrid Fresh; ondo Shezy; osun Smart Brainz; Abia.

  • Sammy Sas If you were asked as a group to do a collaboration with three secular musicians, local or international, who would you pick?

  • Newbrid William Kendrick, Lamar Falz

  • Sammy Sas Apart from music, what else do you guys do?

  • Newbrid We are students motivational speakers and actors.

  • Sammy Sas Tell us the secret behind your brand and the uniqueness in your fashion style?

  • Newbrid The secret behind our brand is God’s Grace and Excellent.

  • Sammy Sas Including the Hair Style?

  • Newbrid The secret behind our fashion is that we potray oneness or unity as well as representing God properly in this our generation… Our hairdos is our signature look for now.

  • Sammy Sas Do you see the Nigerian Gospel music, going as far as the Grammy?

  • Newbrid Sure, it is. From the look of things Grammy is closer to the Nigerian Gospel music because of the Emergence of artistes like us (Newbrid). .

  • Sammy Sas In 2006 a Gospel music group named infinity, came an made a big mark in the Nigeria music industry, after their first album, they broke up. Are we hoping to see the  group becoming bigger album by album and staying together for a longtime, like the group called “boys to men”?

  • Newbrid We hope so by the Grace of God.

  • Sammy Sas Any album out at the moment?

  • Newbrid Not yet

  • Sammy Sas So any major collaboration?

  • Newbrid Apart from D.J ernersty ft Newbrid (kabash) A. one  featuring Newbrid (Ogerugo) and lots more, we are still planning on collaborating with some other great Artistes.

  • Sammy Sas Are you guys currently signed to any management or record company?

  • Newbrid No.

  • Sammy Sas Apart from Jesus, who is your favourite character in bible?

  • Newbrid Hmmmm… Fresh: would have said Judas ‘cos of his hustling spirit, for someone to be reasoning to sell God; ahhhhh!!! The Guy smart ooo… but I won’t pick him ‘cos Jesus came to save me. hmmm… so i will pick Jacob. from the old testament who fought with an angel and became my name sake (Israel). And the woman with the issue of blood from the New testament; that woman’s faith was that of a mango seed. Shezy: in the old testament I love David, the faith filled the singing warrior king, then in the new testament, I love the character of the Good samaritan cos I can relate directly to him. Smart Brainz: Moses is my favourite character from old testament and the five virgin women in the new testament. They taught me the act of readiness in life.

  • Sammy Sas So what are your real names?

  • Newbrid Fresh: Israel Shezy: Emmanuel Smart: Isaac

  • Sammy Sas So what is your favourite Bible verse?

  • Newbrid 2Corinthians  5:17

  • Sammy Sas Where do guys see your career in 5 years time?

  • Newbrid Making greater impact, causing positive change and bringing significant Awards home.

  • Sammy Sas So what are your advice to upcoming group/solo musicians?

  • Newbrid Dream big, work hard, stay humble and trust God.

  • Sammy Sas Where are you currently based?

  • Newbrid Abuja

  • Sammy Sas Please how can your fans reach you on social Media

  • Newbrid Instagram: @Officialnewbrid Facbook: Newbrid Newbrid Newbrid. Twitter: @Newbridmusic

  • Sammy Sas So finally your last words to you fans out there

  • Newbrid We love and cherish you; keep supporting the brand Newbrid. We will never let you you down.

  • Sammy Sas Thanks for your fam..

  • Newbrid Thanks man, Our pleasure.

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