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Mp3 Download and Lyrics Iwo Abijossy
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Iwo” the melodic masterpiece bestowed upon us by the incomparable Abijossy, the Amuludunof Canada, resounds once again, echoing the eternal faithfulness of Jesus. With every note, it beckons us to place our complete trust in Him, assuring us that we shall bear witness to His unwavering faithfulness.

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“In the depths of my sorrows, tears streaming down like rain, I, too, have wept countless times, just as we all have. Yet amidst the myriad options before me, one truth remains steadfast: Jesus, my unwavering hope, stands as the pinnacle of all choices.

Those who turn their gaze towards Him find their countenance transformed, radiant with uncontainable joy. Not a trace of shame dares to cast its shadow upon their faces. Oh, the jubilant harmony when God’s joy intertwines with our very existence! As Psalm 34:5 proclaims, the souls who seek solace in Him shall be greeted with boundless bliss.” – Abijossy

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Iwo” now graces all digital platforms, spreading its divine message like wildfire. I implore you to immerse yourself in this euphonious revelation, to download and share this splendid proclamation of the good news. Let the world be touched by the resplendent radiance of Jesus’ unwavering love and the eternal hope He offers.

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May your spirit find solace in the depths of His grace, and may you continue to inspire others through the beauty of your faith.

Lyrics: Iwo By Abijossy

Iwo lemi yoo ma sin
Iwo lemi yoo ma bo
Iwo lemi yoo ma pe
Jesu Oba Ayeraye

Eti to fun mi o baba
E mama to mi sin Olorun mi
Emi o le lo miran ti mo lepe
Leyin re o oba ogo
E ma ma to gbega o baba
E mama to fola fun oo
E mi o lo na Meji ti mo mo
Ona iye yi o ona ire

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(Repeat Chorus) 2ce

I am very, very happy
Nitori pe moni o lolorun
Esu o ba fimi Seleya
Bi o ba Sola Jesu oba
Ohun loni nmase weyin
Pe ohun mbe gidigba leyin mi
Iyin ope loye foruko re
Jesu Oba ayeraye

Lojo to kunkun ba su biribiri
Lojo tojo ba su ti ko ro
Lojo to gun ba le koko
Iwo lemi yoo maa pe
To Bawa di wipe oorun ba yo
Ti buruji jide ti Ogo yo
A ni Ojo ti Ogo ba buyo iwo Nan ni hun o maa pe

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Call : Jesu Oba ayeraye oo
Response: Jesu oba ayeraye
Call: Jesu loba a fun ni ma wobe
Response: Jesu oba ayeraye
Call: Jesu loba toto nigba
Response: Jesu Oba ayeraye
Call: Iwo saa ni hun o maa pe
Response: Jesu Oba Ayeraye
Call: Iwo saa ni hun o maa forolo
Response: Jesu Oba Ayeraye
Call: Modupe mori o feyinti
Response: Jesu oba ayeraye.

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