Mac Roc Interview With Sammy Sas | @efemac4lyf @Realsammysas

Mac Roc Interview With Sammy Sas @efemac4lyf @Realsammysas
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  • Never trade the quality of your craft for fame or money. Words from Nigerian born, Music producer and Recording artiste, Mac Roc. On his celebrity of the week exclusive chat interview with Sammy Sas.

  • Sammy Sas Pls can we meet you?

  • Mac Roc My name is EfeOghene MacDonald Aka Mac Roc,  From delta state

  • Sammy Sas So tell us about your early days growing up?

  • Was given birth to in Lagos
  • Moved to yola afterwards
  • Then… Started schooling.. Before relocating to Benin city.  Where I completed my secondary and university

  • Mac Roc Studied computer science at Benson Idahosa university

  • Sammy Sas When did you realized you had a passion for music?

  • When I just got into secondary school
  • Mac Roc Had a lot of interest in the piano… Started having classes with my mum… From there I developed

  • Sammy Sas Your mum, play the piano?

  • Yes
  • Mac Roc She does

  • Sammy Sas So when was that point in your life, you realized you wanted to be a music producer?

  • Mac Roc August 2012

  • Sammy Sas Who was the first artist, you produced?

  • Mac Roc Osasu, Anita and hafidz… A song titled reach to the stars

  • Sammy Sas So how has the journey been, since then?

  • Mac Roc Been all Gods grace… I work hard,  I won’t say it’s hard work that’s brought me this far… Cause others work harder than I do trust me… It’s been an adventurous and fun journey so far. Really excited with what the futures holds

  • Sammy Sas So tell us about some major projects and artists you have worked with since the inception of your professional career

  • Mac Roc My major projects so far should be my covers..  Working on a cover album very soon,  just love doing covers,  covered a whole lot of popular songs, recent ones are wish me well with Timi Dakolo,  up to something cover with Don jazzy and iyanya

  • Sammy Sas What inspired the name “Mac Roc”?

  • Mac for MacDonald…. Then am in a body of musicians called roccity
  • So I just took out the first syllables of the names
  • Mac Roc Mac Roc

  • Sammy Sas Is that what influenced your Rock type of music production?

  • Mac Roc As a producer I produce all genre of music… Personally have been a rock lover,  so it actually creeps in most times in my sounds

  • Sammy Sas With your experience as a music Producer, what do you think is the problem/challenge in the Nigerian music industry?

  • Mac Roc Quality contol majorly… Very few good music producers alot of beat makers

  • Sammy Sas For the Gospel artiste do you think there is a chance of getting to the Grammy?

  • Mac Roc Yes oh…. A huge chance… With God all things are possible

  • Sammy Sas Kindly tell us some few Gospel musicians you have worked with?

  • Mac Roc Eben, Samsong, Solomon Lange, Phil Roberts, opera David’s, okay Sokay, E Daniels,  to name a few… Endless list

  • Sammy Sas I guess God has been faithful

  • Mac Roc Yes.. He has

  • Sammy Sas So on a scale of 1-10 how much do you know your culture and traditions?

  • Mac Roc 4

  • Sammy Sas Which local meal can you prepare very well?

  • Mac Roc Starch and ermm.. Watery banga soup.. Lol

  • Sammy Sas Is that your favourite meal?

  • Mac Roc Beans and plantain

  • Sammy Sas What’s your favourite colour?

  • Black blue green
  • Mac Roc And red

  • Sammy Sas Who are your role models?

  • Mac Roc David Guetta, cohbams

  • Sammy Sas In ministry?

  • My dad, prof MacDonald Idu
  • And mum
  • Mac Roc My parents

  • Sammy Sas Your father is a clergy?

  • Mac Roc Yes

  • Sammy Sas Apart from Jesus Christ,who is your favourite character in the Bible?

  • Mac Roc David

  • Sammy Sas If you were to be Simeon Peter,in the Bible,would you have denied Jesus, When you know you might be crucified also?

  • Mac Roc No I wont

  • Sammy Sas So are you a husband material or a serving husband?

  • Mac Roc Both materials

  • Sammy Sas What’s your favourite quote?

  • Mac Roc Better to try and be rejected than make no effort

  • Sammy Sas Your favourite Bible verse?

  • Mac Roc Isaiah 60:11-14

  • Sammy Sas What’s your advice to aspiring producers?

  • Mac Roc Be patient.. Never trade the quality of your craft for fame or money.

  • Sammy Sas If you were to be an animal, which animal would you be?

  • Mac Roc Lion……… Boldness

  • Sammy Sas So how can your fans reach you on social media?

  • Mac Roc Twitter @efemac4lyf Instagram @efe_macroc Facebook Mac Roc

  • Sammy Sas Your final words to your fans out there

  • Mac Roc Don’t loose hope, keep the good work in what ever you doing,  and always be thankful and stop complaining

  • Sammy Sas Thank you so much for  your time Bro

  • Mac Roc You welcome

  • I know you must have enjoyed this interview, therefore make it a date with me next week on your No1 Urban Gospel blog for participation and inquiries call/whatsapp +2347068211976 Facebook Sammy SAS .Twitter @RealSammySAS. have a glorious week ahead.You will be fine. Deuces

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