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Minstrel Peace - IMARAMMA (official video)
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Minstrel Peace, a passionate lover of God and a renowned gospel music minister is thrilled to announce the release of her latest single, “Imaramma.”

Known for her profound dedication to propagating the gospel through soul-stirring sounds, Minstrel Peace has captivated audiences with her spontaneous worship covers and her previous hit, “Cry Out,” which was released in September 2022.

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Imaramma” is a heartfelt expression of deep gratitude to God for His faithfulness and for the incredible journey He has led Minstrel Peace on thus far. With her unique musical style, Minstrel Peace effortlessly combines powerful vocals, inspiring lyrics, and a sincere passion for God’s love, creating a divine experience that will resonate with listeners.

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Through the enchanting melodies and heartfelt words of “Imaramma,” Minstrel Peace seeks to bless and uplift souls, reminding everyone of the boundless and eccentric love that God bestows upon His children. This captivating song serves as a reminder of the unending grace and favor that emanate from the Almighty, offering solace and inspiration in challenging times.

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Minstrel Peace’s musical journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth. Her captivating performances and soulful melodies have touched the lives of countless individuals, igniting a deeper connection with God through the power of music.

The new song is now available on all major digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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Watch Video & Download Audio Below; 

Minstrel Peace - IMARAMMA (official video)


Lyrics: Imaramma By Minstrel Peace

Where would I be?
Without you
Where would I go?
Without you
Who would I be?
Without you
All I have is yours for life
Imaramma eh (you’re good)
Eze’m oh
Imaramma eh 2x
No one can carry me like you can
No one can do me like you do
Imaramma eh
Where can I hide from your face?
Where can I go from your reach lord?
Imaramma eh

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Imaramma eh
Eze’m oh
Imaramma eh
Adlip: oshimiri atata 2x
Imaramma eh
Eze’m oh
Imaramma eh
Adlip: anyawututu That’s whom you are
No one carry me like you can
Adlip: Like your baby
Like your baby
No one can love me like you do o
Like your baby
Call: Where can I go from your reach?
Resp: Where can I hide from your face?
Adlip: I’m your baby
Ohhh I’m your baby
Resp: Where can I go from your reach o
Adlip: You’re a good good father

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I’m not deserving but you still love me yea..
You still love me yea
You’re too too too good
Where would I be without you?
Who would I be with you?
Thank you for loving me God!

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