Kryssthaboss Interview with SammySAS | @RealSammySAS @Kryssthaboss

Kryssthaboss Interview with SammySAS @RealSammySAS @Kryssthaboss
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  • I Read a lot, listen to all and never select who you learn from. Words from Multiple Award winning OAP, Kryss Tha Boss. On his exclusive celebrity of the week interview, with star Reporter, Sammy Sas.

  • Sammy Sas Please can we meet you?
  • KryssthaBoss My name is Kryss Da Boss Molokwu. I’m a multiple award winning On Air Personality with Coolfm Abuja where I host the most followed Gospel show on radio “Praise Jam”. I’ve got just two girls in my life for now, My pretty wife and lovely daughter. I’m a graduate of English and Literature from the prestigious University of Benin
  • Sammy Sas Awesome!….. So tell us, what was your growing up like?
  • KryssthaBoss I miss the good old days of rolling tires on the streets of Benin, buying sweet for 10kobo and soft drinks for one (1) Naira. I grew up in the middle of four (4) sisters being the third child and first son. I have two elder and two younger sisters then a brother. I knew more about girls while growing up and my family was quite musical. All of US either sang or played musical instruments in church. I was always the one picked to moderate children /youth events even before I gained admission into the University. This is how I knew I was destined to do this. My Dad and Mum were great inspirationist as they made us study hard and love God better. This more or less prepared me for the challenges of life in school and even after till marriage. I Lost my Dad in 2005 my mom has since been my pillar…
  • Sammy Sas What was it like getting into the Broadcasting media at the early stage of your  career, when you studied English, instead of Mass communication or Journalism?
  • KryssthaBoss Present day broadcasting is more about the personality of the broadcaster and how, what is said is said. So while having a background in media is advantageous, it is not a necessity. You have professionals who cannot communicate, yet you have mechanics who communicate better. I developed my personality then improved my language of communication -English and pidgin English. I studied the basic pronunciation so as to speak clearly. And I read a lot of materials which makes me versatile on all fronts.
  • Sammy Sas As the Host of one of the most listen Sunday show “Praise jam” on 96.9 Cool fm, Abuja, Nigeria. What do you think is the major problem/challenge in the Nigerian Gospel music industry?
  • KryssthaBoss Gospel artists are scared of taking risks and giving their all. Scripture says, no one lights a candle and puts it under a bushel (Matt 4:14) How do you make a great song yet leave it to rot or share it only among family and friends. We don’t move out of our comfort zone. We record an album, sell 1000 copies and go do thanksgiving in church. Meanwhile circular artists sell more, get endorsements yet stay relevant in the whole country. We have too many great songs yet can’t hear them. Well that’s where sites like come in handy.
  • Sammy Sas Do think, there is enough platform for the Gospel artists in Nigeria, like their secular counterpart?
  • KryssthaBoss You make your platforms. What stops Gospel artists in Delta state from coming together to do a free concert with their Cds sold there? Until we move, God won’t move. Christian artists wait for opportunities, circular artists create their opportunities. How many Gospel artists are relevant on social media We are more interested in bickering and looking for the righteous instead of building ourselves. Do a concert in your church. Start there. Then do another in the church on the next street then 3months later another church with more artists. Before you know it you become the king of that Jungle, then you conquer the city and the state then the nation is yours as you grow. Isn’t it funny that Christians have the biggest holidays, yet the circular artists have the shows on those holidays We need to wake up.
  • Sammy Sas Do you have plans of releasing a studio recorded album, some day?
  • KryssthaBoss Probably. I’ve written and recorded a couple of songs. Just waiting for the right time…
  • Sammy Sas If you were asked to pick three artist, to feature in your album, local or international who would they be?
  • KryssthaBoss Yolanda Adams, Samsong and Panam Percy Paul.
  • Sammy Sas On a scale of 1-10, how well do you know your culture and traditions?
  • KryssthaBoss 8
  • Sammy Sas If I may ask what state/ethnic group are you from?
  • KryssthaBoss Delta State, Ibo. Though I was born and brought up in Benin City, Edo State.
  • Sammy Sas So which local meal can you prepare very well?
  • KryssthaBoss Egusi Soup or Corn pudding otherwise known as Ukpor oka.
  • Sammy Sas So is that your favourite meal?
  • KryssthaBoss Egusi soup wit dry fish and fufu with a bowl of fresh palmwine. Great meal.
  • Sammy Sas Who are your role models in both Media and Ministry?
  • KryssthaBoss Media- Onimisi Adaba ( OJ) Ministry -Bayo Somefun.
  • Sammy Sas Do you see the Nigerian Gospel industry getting a shot at the Grammy, some day?
  • KryssthaBoss The Music is right if we get the packaging and promo right, why not.
  • Sammy Sas What’s your favourite quote?
  • KryssthaBoss Do not postpone to tomorrow what you can do today.
  • Sammy Sas So apart from Jesus, who is your favourite character, in the Bible?
  • KryssthaBoss David. He was a good politician, statesman, father and friend of God. He knew how to please God and had a heart of worship.
  • Sammy Sas So what’s your favourite Bible verse?
  • KryssthaBoss Psalm 82:2 I’m a god.
  • Sammy Sas What is your advise to upcoming aspiring OAP’s?
  • KryssthaBoss Read a lot, listen to all and never select who you learn from as even a dead clock is correct twice a day
  • Sammy Sas How can your fans reach you on social Media?
  • KryssthaBoss Molokwu Kryss on facebook, @Kryssthaboss on twitter, and on IG @kryssdaboss on snapchat kryssmolokwu
  • Sammy Sas Finally your last words to you super fans out there?
  • KryssthaBoss Without you there’s no me. Thanks for believing in me, keep believing in yourself and your country.
  • Sammy Sas Thank you so much for your time Boss!
  • KryssthaBoss Thanks for the privilege

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