Kalusian exclusive Interview with Noble C. Ozogbuda | @kalusian

Kalusian exclusive Interview with Noble C. Ozogbuda @kalusian
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    An Execulusive Chat Interview With U.D. Kalusian a Nigerian Gospel Artiste Based In Finland

  • An exclusive Interview with Kalusian

  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Please can we meet you?
  • Kalusian Yes, My name is Kalusian, currently based in Finland with his lovely wife and lovely baby girl. Kalusian is a Nigerian-born recording artiste, singer-songwriter who has more than 6 singles to his credit, He has led worship in concerts in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Sweden and Finland. Nominated for best gospel song in Gambia and best radio host. He has also hosted Gospel Talent Hunt show live on radio and Tv in Gambia (Season 1-3, 2016 – 2018). He released has been privileged to meet one on one with great music ministers like Nathaniel BasseySamsong and others, He is also a vocal coach raising and training lots of singers in Africa and beyond, I had just returned from an East African music tour- we had worship meeting in Kenya and Uganda as well as music video shop.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda looking at your little bio, I think God is on your side on this journey so far…
  • Kalusian Glory to God
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Tell us about your early days in life growing up?
  • Kalusian Grew up in a town Rumuokwurusi, in the Port Harcourt City, Rivers State, Nigeria. I had no guitar, but I wanted to learn how to play a guitar. I would walk miles to a friends who is a guitar and borrow it for some days
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Ok, that’s good…. So tell us what type of music do you do?
  • Kalusian My message is Gospel, preaching the gospel through vehicle of music, sometimes I Rock it, sometimes I Jazz it, contemporary style and a bit of African vibe too, I’ve got some Jazz music, I’ve got some funk music, rock, etc.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Looking at your previous reply, that tells us that you do Gospel Music in any forms right?
  • Kalusian Yes, I would say I do Gospel and Christian contemporary music
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Ok i think i pleased to known that… Can you please Tell us about little of your achievement and major moment, since the inception of your professional music career?
  • Kalusian It’s been a journey progressive growth. Had my first debut single “Indescribable Ihunaya” in 2015 in Port Harcourt. And my song was nominated song of the year in Gambia 2017- 2018. Maybe another single release “Fill Me” featured a singer from Sweden. I got the privilege of singing in one of Swedens Christian Tv station Kanal10 – 2019. Had the privilege of meeting with Pastor Nathaniel Bassey one on one in Lagos as well as Samsong. Release another Single and featured a singer from New York and this song won SONG OF THE WEEK on Kingdomboiz Radio and had another release God in the Highest featured a renowned worshipper in Nigeria , Owie Abutu and this song made more than 10 streams in Spotify and almost 20,000 views on YouTube. And still counting. Hosted many gospel talent shows.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda So what’s the name of your production company?
  • Kalusian I’d rather say ministry. Double D Worship Int’l. Is my music ministry. God say to me, I’m anointing to double my worship and raise the praise across the nations. That’s what are doing.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda So who inspire you in your music ministry sir?
  • Kalusian My inspiration come from the Holy Spirit and that’s my driving force.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda So if you where asked to do a collaboration with three secular artists, who would you pick? or you do not think is neccessary for your ministry?
  • Kalusian Collaboration is about shared Interest, and it’s good to collaborate . However I wouldn’t collaborate with a “secular” artiste except I receive a special instruction from the Holy Spirit to. I’ve learnt it is critical to understand the assignment each of us have , whilst to some God would want them collaborate secularly to reach out to another He wouldn’t but for a greater task.
  •  I love your answer, because as a music artiste, you must know that, your music or songs to the world is a message, many gospel musicians has gone to the way side today… looking at the fame of these world… we have to be inspired by the Holy Ghost to do so…
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda So apart from music what else are you into?
  • Kalusian I’m Author, an Evangelist leading an outreach group, computer programming.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda So i heard that you were planning to release a new single… so if we may ask and know more about it?
  • Kalusian I’m excited for the new song coming. Raise the praise. This Africa Praise medley by Kalusian, is a song that will get you dancing, stamping, clapping, singing, tehilla-ing. Much more than that, this song unifies us as Africans, brings out the beauty in our diversities and tongues as we raise the praise with one heart singing JEHOVAH YOU ARE MOST HIGH!. From Zulu of South Africa to Shina of Zimbabwe , Swahili of East Africa, French, for the francophones. Morocco (North and central Africa), English, Twi of Ghana , Wallof of Gambia and Igbo of Nigeria (West Africa) in one medley, raising the praise to our God with one heart singing JEHOVAH YOU ARE MOST HIGH! And Let this sound resound across the nations, continents of the earth, Let all nations, race, colour raise His praise for He is the God of the Universe, who comes in power, rules over darkness, kingdoms, government. Psalm 117:1.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Another question about this song… so what inspired you to release this single?
  • Kalusian Year ago, As an online. Vocal masterclass and it had students from different part of Africa. East west South Africa. I thought, imagine a medley with these different languages and cultures across Africa praising God. Dang! There the idea was birth.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Thank you for your awesome answer. So can we call you a nigerian gospel artiste? since you do not based in Nigeria!
  • Kalusian Yea, I’m Nigerian Based in Finland.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda So were Do you see the Nigerian Gospel music, going as far as the Grammy?
  • Kalusian I must say I’m very impressed with the Nigerian music. The other day I was in Macdonalds here in Finland waiting for my order and there was Nigerian music being played! Also the gospel music is growing really well. With platform like THE EXPERIENCE by House on the Rock by Pst Paul. Hosting about 600,000 people. That’s massive! And I know in few years the Grammy will just be another feather to the hat. There’s a fire of a great move of God flowing from the altar of worship from Nigeria to the nations of the earth. We will get the grammy but beyond that.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda If i may ask, Where do you see your career in music in the next five years to come?
  • Kalusian Reaching out to at least 50 million souls for Christ through music, both virtually and live ministrations across the world.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda What’s your favourite colour?
  • Kalusian Blue.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Ok why do you choose blue sir? kindly tell us or explain.
  • Kalusian Growing up as a boy. I always caught myself looking into the sky for a long time. Something fascinating for me. I guess that influenced my choice of colour maybe. Plus blue looks good on me every time.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Ok but do you know that blue color represent Christ? I was thought this back in the days of my Teenage age at The Redeemed Christian Church Of God Nigeria…
  • Kalusian Really?!
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Absolutely Yes
  • Kalusian Good discovery for me hahah
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Do you believe in speaking in tongues? as a believer!!!
  • Kalusian Absolutely
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Good to know, because is neccessary as a Christian and a Believer in the World, to Confuse the devil and his agents with tougues…
  • Kalusian That’s right. It’s our secret language for victory in this world
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Ok if i may ask too… do you also interpretes tongues?
  • Kalusian Yea by the Spirit
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Now let’s go into the Book of the Word of God, Apart from Jesus, who is your favourite character in the Bible?
  • Kalusian Joseph, David.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda Your favourite Bible verse is?
  • Kalusian “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1; Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions.” Hebrews 11:33.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda So sir, can we ask you your favourite quote, your own personal formed quote?
  • Kalusian “Stop chasing what’s behind you” | “Music is an unending circle, the more you know, the more you know there’s more to know that you need to know”
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda We need Your advice to aspiring and upcoming gospel musicians?
  • Kalusian Stay on your lane, Master your difference, understand your assignment.
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda How can your fans reach you on social media?
  • Kalusian @kalusian on all social media platforms https://www.kalusian.com
  • Noble C. Ozogbuda So your final words to your fans….
  • Kalusian The Best person to compare yourself with is yourself. So always be a better version of yourself each day.
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