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Jim Donnett Interview With Sammy SAS @RealSammySAS @Jimancipation @tooXclusive com
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  • Whatever thing we are putting out, has to be good and quality. Words from Nigerian top-notch blogger and Musician, Jim Donnett. On his exclusive interview with www.nGospelmedia.net Star reporter, Sammy Sas.

  • Sammy Sas Please can we meet you?

  • Jim Donnett My name is Jim Donnett, I’m a musician and writer. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria although my heritage originates from Abia State.

  • Sammy Sas When did you realised you had a passion for music?

  • Jim Donnett I wouldn’t exactly say I came to a realization. For as long as I’ve known, I always had a passion for music. And I’ve been singing since like when I was about 9, 10 years old. So from then, I never stopped. I listened and listened some more, and I made sure I was always singing along.

  • Sammy Sas What kind of songs, do you listen to when growing up?

  • Jim Donnett Old skool. Reggae. Pop/R&B. Soul. Jazz. Country. High life. And they were songs by Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Jim Reeves, Skeeter Davis, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Kool & The Gang, Chief Osadebe, Bright Chimezie, Oliver de Coque, Onyeka Owenu… they were so many really it’s a long list.

  • Sammy Sas Hmmm… so what type of music do you do?

  • Jim Donnett Soul and R&B. Of course with influences from afro sounds.

  • Sammy Sas Apart from music, what else is the name Jim Donnett, known for?

  • Jim Donnett Writing. I’m a writer and editor at tooXclusive.com which is pretty much Nigeria’s biggest web platform for online music streaming and distribution. I lead the editorials division there.

  • Sammy Sas Editting, is a very sensitive department. What type of content do you look for in a song?

  • Jim Donnett Music comes in varieties and because our platform is in servitude to a wide clientele that come in brackets of age factions, it is difficult to have one requirement standard. Regardless, whatever thing we’re putting out has to be good and of quality. That’s what is paramount to us.

  • Sammy Sas Some group of musicians, are complaining that top downloading site, like tooXclusive.com don’t promote quality Gospel music?

  • Jim Donnett That is not true. Since I assumed the senior lead position at tooXclusive, I’ve seen a lot of gospel songs featured on our web platform. There are songs by Sinach, Onos, Eric Arubayi, Sammie Okposo, Frank Edwards, Eben, Tim Godfrey, Nathaniel Bassey, Samsong and many others whose names I can’t even remember to mention. It’s not just popular gospel artistes alone, there are songs artistes in the gospel category that are housed on our music database. Some of them are even personal favourites of mine. Please do your findings, I’m sure you’ll be able to verify my claims.

  • Sammy Sas So how do you get to combine music and blogging?

  • Jim Donnett They go together. Like pari-pasu. I only had to devise a working strategy that helps me appropriate my efforts for each endeavour. It’s basically about time management and work preference. Knowing the right time to do what is required of me. And thus far, I don’t think I’ve fared any badly.

  • Sammy Sas On a scale of 1-10 how well do you know your culture and tradition?

  • Jim Donnett Ah, that’s a tough one o. Let’s just say I’m well versed on the basics ‘cos honestly, I think I won’t be doing me a fine justice if I were to rate myself.

  • Sammy Sas What’s your favorite meal and colour?

  • Jim Donnett Ugba and abacha is my favourite delicacy. Some people may know it as African salad. I like peppered snail a lot too. Then my favourite colour has to be blue.

  • Sammy Sas Who are your three favorite Gospel musicians, local or international?

  • Jim Donnett Internationally – Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell and Fred Hammond.
  • Locally – Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey and Chioma Jesus.

  • Sammy Sas Apart from Jesus who is your favourite character in the Bible?

  • Jim Donnett Whoever said Jesus was my favourite character in the Bible though? hmmm….

  • Sammy Sas hmmm…. So who?

  • Jim Donnett That would be David. He was skillful.Apart from Jesus of course.

  • Sammy Sas So tell us are you a Husband material or a serving husband?

  • Jim Donnett I’m a total husband, which I believe is an almost perfect blend of both. I’m smart ?

  • Sammy Sas Very smart ????

  • Jim Donnett Thank you jare. Others will be busy crackin’ their head on which one to choose.

  • Sammy Sas hmmm asin eh….. So tell us where do you see your career in 5years time?

  • Jim Donnett God is the only one who has monopoly of all knowledge. So in five years, I’m positive that I’d be who and where He wants me to be. It’s not like as if I do not have my own plans or personal desires for the future but at the end of it’s all, His word is sure and I just want His will for my life to be done.

  • Sammy Sas what’s your favourite Bible verse?

  • Jim Donnett My favourite bible verse is Ephesians 2 verse 8 and 9…. It reads; for it is by grace that you have been saved. It is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.

  • Sammy Sas Who are the people that inspire you?

  • Jim Donnett My dad and my mum. They provided me with the foundation and taught me the basics of life that I’ve used to launch myself into the world today.

  • Sammy Sas Since the inception of your professional career, what has been the major hallmark so far?

  • Jim Donnett It’s just been 6 months since starting off this musical journey. So I’m still very expectant for things to come.

  • Sammy Sas Goodluck ahead… So are you dropping any EP or album soon?

  • Jim Donnett Thank you. Time will tell. I’m already in talks with my music team for an EP release though. There’s no actual schedule date yet but 2017 is the year in view.

  • Sammy Sas Any major collaborations?

  • Jim Donnett Sure, yes there will. I just recorded one and we will be puttin’ it out real soon. So let everyone just stay anticipatin’.

  • Sammy Sas What’s your advice for upcoming writer’s and aspiring musicians?

  • Jim Donnett Just do you. Really. Be true to yourself. There are no two people in this world like you, so work yourself to being the best version of you the world would ever have. Everyone definitely would have an opinion as to what you should do, how you should be and stuff like that. But the true understanding of yourself will set you apart from the rest of the world. It’s like separating the wheat from the chaff. Take what you need to grow and discard the one that won’t do you no good.

  • Sammy Sas Do you see the Nigeria Gospel industry, getting to the Grammy, with the current materials coming out of their industry?

  • Jim Donnett Of course yes. Nigerian gospel has experienced a totally unique overhaul in the past few years. And the quality of materials and caliber of artistes we have now can easily match up to any of the foreign counterparts, some of whom are award holders from recognizable platforms. It’s basically about seasons. When ours comes, we will definitely shine.

  • Sammy Sas What’s your favourite quote?

  • Jim Donnett “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves”.

  • Sammy Sas So how can your fans reach you on social media?

  • Jim Donnett Twitter: @jimancipation Instagram: @jimancipation

  • Sammy Sas Thank you so much for your time

  • Jim Donnett Thanks Sammy.

  • I know you have enjoyed this interview, make it a date with me, next week on your favorite NgospelMedia – No. 1, International Urban Gospel Blog. For more info follow Me @RealSammySAS. Till next week, have a Blissful Week Ahead, Deuces!

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